Happy, Nurturing Environment

Jacobs Academy provides a happy, healthy, nurturing environment which enriches the children's learning experience.

Early Learning Through Art

At Jacobs Academy, all of our children develop basic skills of life through sensory and experiential learning.

Circle Time Interaction

At Jacobs Academy, circle time is used for expressive and receptive language learning development.

Work Center Time

At Jacobs Academy, learning happens in work centers. Older children and younger work and learn together in a structured yet free environment.

Learning Begins Here.

Our school is about Family and community. We are family oriented and focused on giving families what they need to succeed.

About Our School

About the schoolAt Jacobs Academy, we are a preschool that is 100 percent involved in the learning of our students. Jacobs Academy; a structured environment with creative, lucid, engaging lesson plans. The focus of Jacobs Academy is an environment committed to childhood enrichment, utilizing the school to become a building block for the future.

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