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Jacobs Academy Preschool Program is engaging and welcoming.

Jacobs Academy Preschool Program

The children enjoy circle time with their teachers, which are made up of music, reading, and discussions. They are allowed to explore the different centers in the classroom with freedom given to the child during the uninterrupted work period in the morning and afternoon.  This freedom to choose their own work enhances their learning and confidence.  Children of ages 3 through 5 are enrolled into this program and the activities they want to work on. The centers exude real life experiences and with this philosophy prepares the child for the real world, where they, during dramatic play will interact with people of diverse ages and backgrounds. During this time the children are being observed by the teachers who intercede when teachable moments arise.

The children are also broken up into small groups where the teachers work with them as a group or individually. This session is focused on math, science, language, and reading.